What We Do

From Weddings to Welsh Cakes

Our Ethos

What we think makes a great bake

I’ve been blessed with a family who have always loved to bake. Luckily, they were also quite good.

Wherever I can, I look to use and infuse my grandparents recipes.

Keeping the art and skill in the family in every bake.

Keeping every ingredient local and fresh is the backbone to any baking success.

Ensuring that I use the freshest and nearest ingredients not only supports local businesses, but also makes a pretty tasty cake.

It’s incredibly important that we keep indulging without the follow of guilt.

That’s why many of the athletes I work with have inspired me to create recipes that are fit for all purposes.

Paleo, gluten free, dairy free and many more variations.

Not enjoying the taste of a strawberry should never stop you from enjoying a Victoria Sponge cake. 

That’s why I will always endeavour to create a recipe that is good for everyone’s taste. 

It’s part of the art.

About Me

The story behind the sponge

‘Nanny Mo’ to the grand kids, or Simone to friends. It’s just me behind the little gingerbread man.

Baking is something that I have always loved, and something I want to do every day. 

It started as a child, watching my nan bake some of the very same recipes that I bake today. So it’s been a long, yet apparent pull towards everything sweet (and sometimes healthy). 

From birthday cakes to weddings towers; I like to think I’ve given most recipes are go at the very least. So let me see what recipes I’ve got that could work for you!














Some shots of bakes gone by